Homok street 59.   Holiday House

Accommodation for group of friends and families

The Harkány Thermal Spa provides for the recreation as well as the preservation of the health of its guests. The spa is a 10-minute walk from the summer house located in a quiet, holiday home quarter of Harkány. The 2-8 person guest house has plenty of room for everyone. The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, WIFI-equipped accommodation provides a special atmosphere for its guests: the two-story holiday home is furnished with tasteful, antique furniture. The accommodation is equipped with all the necessary appliances and furnishings (LCD TV, DVD player, CD radio, refrigerator and freezer, chrome pots and pans, microwave oven, gas range, grilled sandwich maker, toaster oven, electric kettle, two separate coffee machines).

 A whole house with a large courtyard, fireplace and antique furniture

The cozy, friendly atmosphere of the house is provided by its special decoration – works of art prepared by the owner – as well as a wood-burning fireplace. The gas heating further serves the comfort of guests. The Gere holiday house can provide everyone with complete rest and relaxation.

The summer house includes a huge terrace, dedicated courtyard space and garage, garden furniture and grilling facilities. This way, after spending the day with bathing, hiking or cycling, you can have a garden party or a cauldron-cooking session. If you long for a shared holiday with your friends, don’t hesitate to contact us!