Harkány Spa

Harkány is graced with superb natural features and thus the thermal bath doesn’t merely rely on the spontaneous effect of the medicinal waters. The city’s favorable, Mediterranean climate, the medicinal bath’s micro-climate and the yearly 2200-2300 sunshine hours are perfect accompaniments to a carefully planned bathing cure.

The medicinal bath features fully indoor, partly indoor/outdoor and outdoor pools with a total of 2,098 square meters of water surface, 110-153 cms of depth and 34-38 degrees Celsius water temperature to assist the recovery of its guests. The use of the medicinal waters of Harkány for curing locomotor disorders has a history of over 192 years. Harkány bath cures are suitable for the prevention and cure of psoriasis, locomotor and articular diseases, as well as the mitigation of arthritis, chronic gynecological inflammations, infertility and lymphatic circulation disorders.The world-famous Harkány Thermal Spa is open to You and your family every day of the year. In 2014, the Thermal Spa received a five-star rating from the Hungarian Baths Association.

As one of the greatest bath sites of the country, the Harkány spa is set within a 13.5 hectare
old-growth park, offering outdoor pools from May to October, a waveless swimming pool, and a children’s pool as well as sporting and adventure elements for all swimming pool enthusiasts. From the 2016 season, kids can benefit from a renewed and expanded range of slides. Visits to Harkány are always livened up by events and colorful ongoings. A range of quaint, top quality venues are available for family time spent with recreation, games, sporting and dining. There’s something in store for all members of the family.

A modern thermal bath is hardly imaginable nowadays without a sauna, Jacuzzi, underwater jet pool, beauty and massage parlor, since the refreshing cures improve the visitors’ general sense of well-being, as well as help preserve the body’s vitality and beauty. Naturally, all of these services are available at the Harkány Thermal Spa.

Harkány’s surroundings offer a wealth of sights.

With a history of over 192 years, the internationally renowned Harkány spa is located in the southern region of Baranya county, 22 km from Pécs, the former European Capital of Culture, and 8 km from the Croatian border.

Harkány is bordered by the River Drava in the South, the Ormánság region in the West and the Villány hills in the North and East. This captivating region hides a valuable treasure: warm water medicinal springs, which led to the development of Harkány’s medicinal tourism. People from all parts of Hungary and numerous European countries come to the spa, seeking recovery, refreshment, recreation and fun. The spa and its surroundings offer countless experiences for visitors. True to its past, Harkány closely preserves its history, while living the day-to-day life of a modern town. Harkány awaits its guests with its neighbors, including the newly restored castle of Siklós and the world famous historical wine region of Villány.

Sights to discover when setting out East on the Siklós-Villány wine trail:

  • The Mediterranean town of Siklós, located at the foot of the Tenkes hill. Make sure to visit the castle and thermal spa!
  • Driving on towards Villány, it’s worth stopping at the famous statue park of Nagyharsány.
    Additional trips can be made to Szársomlyó.
  • Villány is the capital of red wine, and the row of wine cellars is a favored destination of visitors to the region and wine tourists alike. Make sure to sample the wine!
  • Go on an excursion to Villánykövesd and Palkonya, since this area has become one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world!

Sights to discover when setting out South to Croatia:

  • A great way to discover this picturesque landscape is via boat tours departing from the Drávaszabolcs boat terminal.
  • Alsómihojlác, located on the southern side of the border, featuring the Majláth mansion and the arboretum.
  • Arrange for a trip to Eszék and make sure to stop by the meadows of Kopács and sample the pinched carp of Kopács.
  • The Hungarian regions of Csúza and Vörösmarton offer superb fish stew and great wines as well as South Slavic dishes.

Sights to discover when setting out West to the Ormánság:

  • The world of the Ormánság is revealed to visitors through the exhibition at the Szaporca Ancient Drava visitor center.
  • Unique features of the region include the traditional base girder peasant houses and the wooden coffer paneling of churches found in Kórós and Drávaiványi.
  • The pure waters of the River Drava make it an angler’s paradise and its vicinity is a favorite destination of cyclists.
  • The flora and fauna of the Duna-Drava National Park offers a wealth of beauty and wonders for all visitors.

Sights to discover when setting out North to Pécs:

  • Even from a great distance, the double steeple church of Máriagyűd, located at the foot of the Tenkes  hill, clearly marks out the legendary place of worship.
  • Pécs, the Capital of Cutlure: the Zsolnay quarter, ancient Christian tombs, Turkish-period historical monuments and Mediterranean atmosphere.
  • Sights in the vicinity of Pécs: Mecsek, Abaliget, Orfű, Szigetvár,Pécsvárad, Mohács, Sikonda.
  • Discover this beautifully diverse region and come visit the treasures of Baranya!